Released! See release notes for details!This mod adds enables you to fly Zeppelin like ships in Minecraft. Unlike previous mods that moved with the world grid, the Zeppelin hack for 1.7.3 moves freely in space! Which means that it is possible to fly smoothly throughout your Minecraft world.Place Zeppelin block on your ‘ship’. The direction you set the block will determine the forward direction for that craft. Right click on the block. The craft will probably be determined. If it's too large, you will get an error. Default max dimension is 1024 blocks.Note: This mod is BETA - There’s a good chance it’ll crash, but is stable enough for people to make use of now. If you achieve any sort of accident dump, please post what you used to do, and also the crash sign in this thread.Other blocks are allowed at this time, however they may not all work! Containers like chests can have on the craft, but aren't usable. Their contents will be dropped once the craft is created.Controls for the ship take presctiption the amount pad by default.8 Increase speed2 Decrease speed4 Rotate left6 Rotate right5 Stop+ Ascend- Descend* Stop and align to gridYou are able to control the ship as long as you are sitting on it (or near it in some cases).If you jump off as the ship is in motion, wave goodbye.Right clicking the controller block may cause the ship to prevent, realign around the world grid, and rejoin the planet.Compatibility Aether Fyores Mo’ Ores mod. Better Movement. Clay Soldiers TooManyItems Mo’ Creatures Millenaire Seasons Mothy’s mods PlanetoidsSee more about and download it right away!!